The Oz Prequel Is A Goldmine

Oz Prequel A Financial Success

Sam Raimi’s Wizard of Oz prequel has become the first big success of 2013 with the year’s biggest box office debut thus far. Over the past three days, the film managed to gain $80 million, making it the third biggest March opening in the history of cinema. This was a galant effort by Disney to attract that March audience back but they were unable to match their previous Alice in Wonderland success.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that with this blockbuster performance, Disney will want a sequel. This past week however, we found out that Sam Raimi has chosen not to direct the sequel to this Oz adventure.

Far behind Oz The Great and Powerful came Jack the Giant Killer in second place, which has been a gigantic box office disappointment for the film studios involved.

Here are the weekend box office estimates for the top five films:

  1. Oz The Great and Powerful $80.3 million
  2. Jack the Giant Slayer $10 million
  3. Identity Thief $6.3 million
  4. Dead Man Down $5.4 million
  5. Snitch $5.1 million

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