Email Marketing in Entertainment

One of the biggest reasons I feel extremely happy to live in this day and age is due to the fact that media and entertainment is finally being served straight to the masses, with a personalized message and in real time. Whenever I think about how audiences experienced content in the past, when they had to be confined to the information on a magazine or live at the mercy of radio stations to get to listen to a specific song once more, I struggle with the concept of having to be a passive consumer. It feels great to remind ourselves that those days are gone.

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In our present day, readers, viewers and listeners are actually active consumers of content they wish to experience. One of the many tools we have today to stay engaged with all the content we love so dearly is email; a very popular and widely used direct-marketing method. Within the many types of email marketing messages, the one that I feel is the most potent format in entertainment is the eNewsletter.

Vevo Newsletter 2 - Movies - Blockbuster BuzzVEVO NEWSLETTER

The music video website, VEVO, has an excellent weekly eNewsletter for the avid music fans. This newsletter highlights the biggest musical acts and gives readers album release dates, artist updates, links to great interviews and of course, their music videos. I really enjoy how image heavy this eNewsletter are with the perfect amount of copy for readers to determine if the story is worth reading or not. If it weren’t for this newsletter, many would loose the opportunity of discovering new music content that I would otherwise have to search for.


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Redbox, the company behind the physical media rental kiosks, constantly is sending cupons through their email marketing strategy and they take advantage of that opportunity to inform customers of their latest rentals available. This company will send an email to their users regularly when their content is refreshed or when they have a special offer they want to extend to their customers. I think it is an excellent way to keep in touch with content that you didn’t want to spend silver screen dollars on or that you missed in theaters but that you wanted to watch once it was available as a rental through a simple email update.


An extremely tailored weekly email comes from the massive video-sharing hub, Youtube. This could probably be the email I use most often for online content since I always have a Youtube tab open on my browser. Youtube is fantastic at gathering up all the videos that my subscriptions have posted throughout the week and then compiles them into one email. I usually check these in case I maybe missed something that I would have been interested in watching. It is very effective since the user knows that the content of the email is of great interest to them and ultimately keeps audiences engaged with the web’s video behemoth.

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Each one of these email marketing strategies is a great tool for me to keep track of the content that is out there. I would also recommend getting emails from Netflix and HBO GO to learn what their newest content offerings are in case there is something you are interested in watching. There are many more out there that are great for the active media consumers.

What other email marketing resources do you find valuable in getting your latest media fix? Comment below!

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