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jetBlue Airways

The final project for my digital marketing class is fast approaching and the team I’m working with have chosen jetBlue Airways, the stylish and high-tech low-cost airline, as the brand we want to work on. The first task at hand was to investigate the commercial airline industry and identify the industries uses of digital advertising.

Logo JetBlue

Display Advertising

Whenever I need to see examples of what display advertising formats media agencies utilize for specific industries, I go to the MediaMind Creative Zone. Within their Ad Gallery, I was able to find three examples of how advertisers utilize traditional and rich media display advertising formats.

United Airlines

Surprisingly, I found way to many traditional banner ads that really were nothing exciting that inspired travelers to want to click on the ad. Between the muted colors and the dull images, it seemed clear that the traditional formats do not aid this industry well. Maybe this was done because traditional formats have lower price tag on them and this way the ad dollars can be spread out throughout more websites and also total more page views.

Virgin Airlines

The only real way to go and show the excitement of flying while also effectively delivering our message would be through Rich Media formats that can take over the entire window. The example I found for this was perfect and it came from Norwegian Airlines. This ad is focused on pointing out low prices which is something that jetBlue focuses on. Norwegian Airlines did a great rich media ad and this is something that my marketing team can really utilize for our digital marketing strategy.

Norwegian Airlines


Another excellent way to market a brand is by creating a blog, something most airlines aren’t considering. After searching for “Airline Blog” or “Commercial Flight Blog” almost all of the results were not owned by a specific airline. This seemed to be more a problem with the marketing teams not making the blog easily accessible through the search engine so all that I could find was Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines Blog

The Southwest Airlines blog was my favorite with its appealing design that really made you feel great about flying with them. Most other blogs like the Delta Airlines example have a white background with the dry logo up top. That doesn’t really inspire anything to me especially when I know that blogs are a great tool to really push that emotional connection with customers.


Beyond the doubt, jetBlue’s video strategy is headed in the right direction in terms of the announcements and the ideas that they are sharing on their YouTube site. These efforts have rewarded the brand as jetBlue channel subscribers are on par with that of competing industry behemoths like American Airlines and Delta Airlines.

All three airlines push a lot of videos showing the innovative services they are able to offer such as a new website layout with new features, a new passenger lounge, special events organized by the airline, etc. These brands understand that showing their customers how much they appreciate them by being willing to innovate is key.

Something that does differentiate the jetBlue from the rest, is the advertising strategy. This airline has some fantastic web-friendly (short) ads that really give viewers a feel for the company. This doesn’t generate a lot of views on their YouTube strategy but I think that they are an important piece of the puzzle, a very good added bonus to the brands video strategy.

Give this a look and tell me how you could possibly do without this video…

You Above All


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