A Smile Worth Remembering: Marketing The Dark Knight

A Smile Worth Remembering: Marketing The Dark Knight

What is the ultimate gift a film fanatic could possibly receive from one of the greatest silver screen phenomenons in the history of cinema? Film marketers are tasked with answering this question every year for their massively popular movie franchises, but none have been able to match the success achieved by 42 Entertainment, the marketing company behind the advertising campaign for The Dark Knight.

42E folks hard at work

42E folks hard at work

“Why So Serious?” was the magnificent viral marketing stunt responsible for integrating Bat-fans into the world of Batman during the months leading up to the theatrical release of the 2008 smash-hit. Audiences were sent on engaging scavenger hunts that relied on multitudes of mediums in order for fans to unlock clues and content from the upcoming summer movie.

Some of the tools that 42 Entertainment utilized to help fans uncover the Batman secrets were location-based initiatives such as, hunting down GPS coordinates in search of hidden items, making calls to phone numbers written in the sky, and following instructions obtained through SMS. These fans were rewarded with a teaser trailer, secret photos and new interactive missions that kept them hooked to this once in a lifetime experience. This really is a fantastic example of location-based marketing practices that transported audiences from their common cityscape and placed them inside Gotham itself.

Dark Knight Fans in on the Action!

Dark Knight Fans in on the Action!

The Dark Knight, through the creative and logistical efforts of 42 Entertainment, has become the iconic viral and interactive marketing initiative the world has ever seen for a blockbuster film franchise. With 11 million participants throughout 75 countries this campaign assembled an unforgettable army of filmgoers that transformed a simple experience at their local movie theater into an unforgettable summer event.

Props to 42 Entertainment who dedicate their efforts to blurring the line between marketing and entertainment.

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