Should Apple Develop Apps for Android?


“This is Thermonuclear War!”

You all know how hectic the relationship between Google and Apple has been over the smartphone and tablet wars. There has been massive lawsuits, mean-spirited ads, and web trolls siding very strongly with their preferred mobile platform.

Google’s Strategy:

While aggressively competing for mobile platform dominance, Google has strategically infiltrated their competitor’s operating system by becoming a premiere app developer for the iOS platform. The result? iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch users have the option of inundating their mobile products with the latest internet services created by Apple nemesis, Google.

Google Maps on iOS

Google Maps on iOS

As an iOS user and a huge Apple fan, I must confess that I find the Google apps to be incredibly good and I know very well that I am not alone since Google’s apps are among the most downloaded applications on the Apple App Store. With apps like Google Earth, Google Search, GMail, Chrome and Youtube, Google has created for itself a win-win situation whether you purchase a phone running Android or not.

Apple’s Stance:

Apple has kept themselves from participating on Google’s Android platform as a developer and for a while didn’t allow Google to participate on iOS. Eventually, under pressure from federal regulators, Apple had no other choice than to allow Google and other competitors to develop apps, like Web browsers, that became challengers for the native Apple apps. Since then Google has been a strong player on iOS.

The big question is, should Apple enter the Android platform by becoming a mobile applications developer? What if Apple built an iTunes app for Android? There is a giant opportunity here. When you think about it, Apple had no problem creating iTunes for Windows when competing with Microsoft for the PC market. Why couldn’t Apple do the same now that  they are in fierce competition with Android for the mobile space?

Google has entered the entertainment business now with Google Play. This services still hasn’t gained the traction that many other Google services has but nevertheless, would Google not add this services onto Apple’s iOS platform? I’ll tell you right now that they will and if Apple plans to keep competing with the ever-growing Android platform and Google services, they must become an open developer within their competitor’s platform and iTunes/iPod app would be a huge success allowing Apple to sell and control the media Android users consume.


What do you think? Should Apple develop services that work on the Android platform? Steve Wozniak seems to agree… Comment below!


One response to “Should Apple Develop Apps for Android?

  1. No, I don’t think that would happen like Apple just building apps for android, as both the markets and the users are different. How will they even cop-up with each other. This is very inspiring, as getting from the start & Having no real background in programming (aside from making some adventures on ZX-81 and MSX), I want to get started on developing something for my own Android based eBook reader and android app development training even this online course seems to be interesting Has anyone tried any online courses so far. Please do provide a light on this also.

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