Covering the action-packed GeekTyrant blog!

The GeekTyrant webpage

The GeekTyrant webpage

When craving the latest news about the years hottest films, one of the blogs you should find yourself visiting is GeekTyrant. These guys and ladies are all film industry experts who turned into writers because of their love for these summer movies.

The one thing I have always loved about this blog is the comic-book look and feel while still remaining very clean and focused. Their imagery, coloring, lettering all scream with energy and playfulness and yet, on the homepage users will only find a bunch of eye-candy images with the story headings –  that’s it! To my eyes, it looks very slick and professional.

The website is pretty much divided into three separate columns that will take less than a minute of getting used to. No rocket science here!

The one column I want to point out is the one on the far left of the screen that they have called “news compendiums”. This column compiles all the different news articles by film franchises, a very useful way to archive and access all the stories related to a specific franchise so that users can get to the content they are interested in at warp speed. Here’s a link for you to check out the Iron Man 3 News Compendium and see what it is all about!

The GeekTyrant Gang

The GeekTyrant Gang

Overall, I think these guys really know what they are doing and do put a lot of heart into their jobs. I highly encourage paying them a visit.

So, are there any other blogs that you can think of that cover film, tv and games in a great way? Comment below!


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